Mini Attiny Board *updated* With Programmation


Introduction: Mini Attiny Board *updated* With Programmation

Since several month i read forum about Attiny and Arduino .
It's a great platform for MAKER
So i decide to make my own board for Attiny85.
It's a low cost version of Arduino

Step 1: The Shema

I made the shematic with Eagle

Step 2: The PCB

I ordered PCB with OSH Park

they make a good job

for less $9.00 you have 3 board with free shipping.

the direct link :

Step 3: List Part

R1: 10Kohm
R2: 220 ohm
C1: 10 ùF 50V
C2: 0.1 ùF On Ebay
S1 : micro switch pcb 6x6x4.5
U1: Attiny85 , but Attiny45 works
IC1 : LM7805
JP3,JP5,JP6: Pin header black
JP2: Pin header red On Ebay
JP1: Pin header yellow
J1: Pin header double row

Step 4: Link

Step 5: Program the Board

My experience:

to program the board you need an arduino uno R3

First Connect the attinyboard isp header on the Arduino board

  • MISO on pin 12 arduino
  • SCK on pin 13 arduino
  • RESET on pin 10 arduino
  • MOSI on pin 11 arduino
  • Vcc on +5v
  • Ground on ground (!!!)

upload the sketch " arduinoisp" on your arduino board

select the good board and port for that.

now your arduino is as ISP

Change the board to attiny

Upload your sketch or for example the Blink sketch

Enjoy !

A good tuto here :

New project : make an adapter to program the board with arduino

Step 6: To Be Continued !

It's my first instructable

The next step :

make a Lipo charger with smd : The board is ordering:

perhaps with a solder stencil :



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    23 Discussions

    To program with arduino you can connect like this :

    Miso on pin 12 arduino

    Sck on pin 13 arduino

    Reset on pin 10 arduino

    Mosi on pin 11 arduino

    I am feeling very old and senile. LOL. I have yet to get one of these to work. I have an MKII and I have tried everything to get the arduino IDE to see it but no luck so I tried the the Adruino as the programmer and all I get is a dimming of the light on the arduino. What am I doing wrong. I love your board and feel it can be used for alot of projects but First I need to program it. LOL

    1 reply

    Hi thanks for your comment!
    did you follow this :

    for programming the attiny ?
    Be carreful use the 1.0 arduino IDE , it doesn't work with 1.5.

    nobody is old and senile, all is in the heart

    Almost finished my redesign to include a USB male A (could be swaped out for a usb mini or similar)
    just a quick question, do you think that turned pins (female version of a pin header) might be better, for quick and easy working with a bread board?

    Just a thunk, thanks :)

    2 replies

    Happy you made your board.

    My first idea was to implemente usb , for power and loading sketch.

    But i dont know how to burn the micronucleus boatloader !!!

    For my use it's good enough without usb.

    I put male pins header to connect directly cable servo, it's another good idea to put female header it depends your use

    you can share your pictures if you want.

    thanks for your comment :-)

    :) I'll be sharing pictures once the final parts arrive and i've finished soldering it all together (I'm actually making 6, because I can, most will be used as gifts i reckon)

    heres the perm-link for my schematic :)

    not looked at the micronucleus bootloader, but i am looking at the trinket one (

    however, this instructable ( Nicely exsplains installing micronucleous :)

    Here it is. I do have two questions. PB0-4 are pin 0-4 in arduino sketch? and the 5 triple pins can I just plug in rc servos to those and get them to work?

    1 reply

    you have sample code on this page for servo :

    Very nice. few minor modifications to your Eagle files, and i'm going to get my own printed :D

    I'll share pictures with you when I get it done :)

    3 replies

    All i'm really considering is adding a usb breakout for power and any other USB applications

    Indeed :) then all we'd need is to flash the chip with the trinket bootloader... if its availible lol

    Would love to see a PDF of the board layout. For those of us not very good with eagle or that want to make our own.

    6 replies

    No sorry I should have been more clear. I want the copper layout of the board so I can print it with my laser printer then iron transfer etch it.

    Ok , but it's a double side pcb
    Before i make my own pcb but since I know the OSH PARK : I ordered my pbc with them
    it's very professional job for a little fee

    Oh Ya I have been dealing with them since before they were OSH PARK. Great people to deal with. Thanks anyway

    Just ordered 3 boards that was really painless. They (OSH PARK) have really streamlined the process. Thanks

    Just got the boards I ordered. 12days is really fast. And they are nice looking boards. Thanks Totof60

    this is a great idea! I can't believe someone didn't come up with this sooner.