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Introduction: Minibottle Shotglasses

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In this project I’ve made shotglasses from miniature vodka bottles. I’ve chosen Belvedere because the design is permanent etched on the bottle and is not merely a label. Grey Goose is another good choice

Step 1: Materials Used

Small (Miniature) Belvedere bottles

Step 2: Tools Used

Bottle Cutting Jig - Mine is based on this design Bottle Cutting Jig

Ice water Bath
Butane Torch
Round Sanding Disc
60,150,220 grit discs
Eye Protection

Step 3: Cut the Bottle

Rotate the bottle holding it firmly against the cutting wheel. The trick here is to get one continuous line.

Step 4: Cut the Top Section Off

Put on eye protection!

Put the bottle on a table or turntable and hold the flame of the butane torch 1/2 inch from the bottle surface. Turn the bottle three revolutions. Plunge into the ice bath. Tap to separate. Repeat as many times as needed to separate the top.

The bottle will have sharp and glossy edges. It may have some jagged pieces too so watch that you don’t cut yourself!

Step 5: Sand It Smooth

Put on your respirator. You do not want to inhale silica dust!

Starting with 60 grit paper hold the bottle flat until the shiny segments are smooth. Then sand the inside and outside lips

Repeat with 120 and 220 grit paper. You can sand up to 1000 grit if you like

I feel for rough spots first with my finger and when I’m really sure its smooth against my lips.

Step 6: Skol!

After a really thorough washing including rubbing cloth to the bottom, fill them up and toast!

I only handwash these!




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    9 Discussions

    Just cautious. Im not sure if the bottles design would peel or fkake

    I’m just being cautious. I think they could withstand the top rack.

    An excellent way to avoid recycling via upcycling!
    This really beats faffing about with etching.
    It's great that you have advised about PPE - Personal Protection Equipment, that many fail to advise or implement themselves.
    Thank you for sharing that it may take many attempts; Practice makes Perfect.

    1 reply

    Thanks for what is perhaps the nicest feedback I’ve received on Ibles yet.

    Really neat. Thank you for showing this. It is such a good idea :-)

    1 reply

    Nice choice of bottles. That's cool that the design is actually etched in the glass.

    I've never cut a bottle, but one of these days... Anyway, thanks for sharing your technique!

    1 reply

    I’ve tried a lot of them. My failures: free hand scoring, string soaked in acetone. Making the jig was a gamechanger. Well worth the time.