Modding DIY Puzzle!




Introduction: Modding DIY Puzzle!

Hi all Instructables Fans!
In this instuctable , I want to tell tou how to mod a Windmill cube. The Windmill cube is one of   mechanical Puzzle .What means DIY here is , You can adjust the screw , or mod it .It uses the same mechanism as the 3x3 rubik's cube .But the windmill cube is different ,it;s not like the Fisher cube it;s harder to solve ( I think) .This windmill cube , can be made from a 3x3 rubik's cube.There is one of the member who make the instructable , so ,better to check it out first ! Actually , I found another same mod from forum.TwistyPuzzles is a great website for discussing a puzzle mod.You can talk or discuss with tony fisher ( the fisher cube creator) or Anthony Greenhill ( the creator of many Square-1 mods), who has been modding puzzles for years!.This is the Result  .Simple ,huh? Trust me , its simple , but a new one,and did by yourself!.

Step 1: What Is the Tools?

All you need is a cross (+) Screwdriver . Only ONE tool .But ,if you can't open the screw caps , you can use a minus (-) screwdriver to open it..(In this picture, I already opened the center cap , so it looks loosen a bit)

Step 2: Open the Top!

First , you need to open the center cap and Loosen the screw. After the top screw is loosened ,you can easily take out the other parts around it.If you can't take the parts easily , you should loosen it again a bit.Please be careful , don't break it ..( in this second  picture ,The second layer middle cap (the blue one is loosened ))

Step 3: Arranging the Second Layer

After take all the four caps , you need to put it again in their place , but in BACKWARDS position( picture1 - the blue cap( the orange cap show a position before turned).And then , you need to rearrange all the four other parts , according to their colour-(picture 2 if you done it correctly , it should look like this. the orange part shows hoe other parts should placed).Because the position is backwards , it will make the "Brick" Pattern.(if you confused , just look at the third and fourth pictures .You'll understand)

Step 4: Putting the Top Layer

Next ,put the top layer back., but in the same direction as the 3rd layer ( not the 2nd layer direction .After that , remember to TIGHTEN the top screw before put the center cap back (2nd Picture).

Step 5: How to Play?

Congratulations! Now , How to play it ? well you need to rotate the layers in a specific condition (like in the 2nd picture) for rotate it! but I haven't found a tutorial for play it yet, so it's a new challenge ,even if you can play with the usual windmill cube. Enjoy!



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    I bought it from a store in my country. But , really , just search it @ google, there are some website that (at least as I heard) quite good and recomended. here's the list: -j-

    Actually I bought it , but you can find an instructable forr make the windmill cube from a 3x3 rubik's cube.You can buy it at the internet ( you can searc @ google).But for modding I think you better buy the Chinese Knock offs , because its easier to mod( You can easily loosen the screw or open the caps) there are several brands of chinese knock-offs that quite good . This one I modded is Yongjun. other puzzle brand like diansheng , C4U ,MF8, Lanlan, and Mozhi,and Yuxin ( the 11x11 cube( largest cube) producer.If you want twsty puzzles like this , you should check them out . -J-

    FYI, the (+) is called a Philips head and the (-) is generally called a flat-head... at least in the US it is.

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    Well thanks FYI.But I never know what is the international nickname for the two tools.LOL -j-

    What is the modification? It looks just the same at the end as at the beginning. (or did I miss something?)


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    Well , you must compared the main picture (the result), and the original puzzle (in the 2nd step picture). Actually , I just rearrange the 2nd layer in opposite direction , so it looks like a brick.Well, you can modding a puzzle without changing the shape.For an example , if you replace the rubik's 3x3 cube sticker with a maze pattern , it's a mod too ,right? So what I try to explain here is a mod for everyone that wants to start modding puzzle, without cutting , gluing , or molding parts.It's take a long time , and need many tools. .Honestly , I don't really think this is a mod too, but I just want to share something I found- coz I don't have any ideas for the instructable's name :-D. -J-

    Oh sorry, yes I do see it now (I might have had a thirsty afternoon that day).
    I've not seen a cube like this before.


    No need to sorry , I'm the one who should say sorry , because I put the picture in a wrong place . I just realized it when the instructable is finished ( LOL ) . Thanks for the warning ! Cheers, -J-