Mr. Grass

Introduction: Mr. Grass

About: Well I'm not a pro in any way, but I just love to make things of all kinds. I like rock and epic music, good food, norse mythology, biking, hiking, larping and so on... But there's one nemesis - Math. Yet I ...
Spring is coming and I have a pleasure to introduce Mr. Grass!

And what you will need for making this little guy?
  • old tights
  • grass seeds
  • sand
  • earth
  • buttons for decoration
  1. Cut the sock
  2. Fill it. Layers go (from bottom): sand, earth, seeds
  3. Tie it up
  4. Glue some buttons as a face :)
  5. Water it and watch it grow !! (it ook a couple of days then mine had hair )

I hope you like this instructable! I know, it's short one, but making a Mr. Grass is really simple!

Have fun!

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