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Intro: Music Clown

No idea what's goin' on hur. =P

Step 1: Mouth

Using white eyeliner I outlined my mouth, then I used white body paint to fill it in, then black body paint to make piano keys.

Step 2: Eye Base

Using a jumbo eyeliner pencil I set that down as a base, then I used hot pink eye shadow on the middle and blended a lavender purple into the pink and out to the skin.

Step 3: Eye Brows

One eyebrow I made purple and the other I made a light green.

Step 4: Detial

Using white liquid eyeliner I made some details.. like a wing eyeliner with 5 lines (like a music sheet) and some music notes.

Step 5: Liner

Using a teal eyeliner and white eyeliner I lined my eye a little more normal with a cat shape.

Step 6: Lashes and Lid

Using the purple and green mascara I put them on my lashes, and I used a light blue cream makeup to blend into the pink on my lid to make a purpleish color.

Step 7: Random Detail

I then used hot pink shadow to shadow around the mouth and a white liner to add a swirl at the end of my smile.

Step 8: Tears

I then added some lavender metallic tears.

Step 9: More Shadows

Using matte black eye shadow I added more shadows on the mouth.

Step 10: Forehead

I added music notes to my forehead with white eyeliner then went over it with pink shadow.

Step 11: Neck

I made a bow-tie using white eyeliner.

then I got the hot pink and filled it in.

I used red glitter to start the shadow.

Then I used black shadow to deepen the shadows.

Then I outlined it with black.



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    2 years ago

    This is a really neat idea, especially being a musician.!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Once again a BIG Thanks for sharing this. It is really impressive the effects you obtain with make up. Stretching the toothy grinning mouth so extremely is an eye catcher.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for your comments. It always makes me feel good. =]