My First Knex Gun to Post. Any Suggestions for a Name?

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This is my first thing to post, and was wondering what name I should give it. Anyways, this gun is good because it allows for a long pin draw and there is barely any friction when the bullet leaves the barrel. This gun shoots blue rods. This gun is a sub-machine gun type. Now for the pros and cons.

P.S. Credit to the person who posted the ACOG scope. (Forgot their name).


Good looks
Good distance (50-60)
Long pin-draw
Removable mags
Not that much friction in the barrel
Rarely jams


Contains only two cut rods that are needed.

Remember to comment, rate, and subscribe. Also I don't know if I'll post, only if a lot of people want me to.

EDIT: I have now made this gun to have even less friction in the barrel, yet it is still structurally strong. If or when I post instructions, I will post the updated version that also has a new ACOG scope. Basically, this gun is now like the Ghost 3.0, but with better looks.

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    nice gun!

    here's my first gun :D


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You should redesign the stock, it uses way too many yellow connectors and looks uncomfortable.