My Minimalist Tele Pickguard




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Earlier today, I was tuning my guitars, and as I picked up my Squier Telecaster, I wondered what it would look like without a pickguard. I guess I had gotten used to the same old black pickguard that I had never put any thought into it. So I took the pickguard off. I rather liked the way it looked. But then I realized that without a pickguard, the upper pickup's electronics were completely exposed. And that is why I made my little minimalist tele pickguard. I took the bottom of an old clear plastic container (clear because I like the look of "no pickguard") and I traced the actual pickguard over it. Then I cut it down as small as I could, just large enough so that I can screw it into the predrilled holes for the old pickguard. I sanded the edges, and screwed it down. I really like the look of my new and improved Tele pickguard. Of course, I didn't think this through enough before doing it, and the plastic wont stay down. It was worth a shot, and eventually I will build an entire clear pickguard.



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