My Portable Kitchen Island

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As part of my renovation, I decided to tackle a very small, outdated kitchen on a minimal budget.

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Step 1: Tackeling a Kitchen Upgrade

To improve the look of the kitchen I upgraded a few things such as a ceramic floor and an all-around herringbone back splash. On the back wall where the portable freezer is situated, I installed 2 large, matching cabinets. (One of them is in glass while the other is wood.)

Step 2: Utilizing Space

I needed more counter space and a seating area. (That’s hard to do in such a small space) but I decided to solve this issue by installing a kitchen island over the top of my freezer. (This will allow me to multi-function by providing me with additional counter space and a kitchen nook / bar, while keeping the freezer tucked away inside the island; giving the kitchen a cleaner appearance.

Step 3: Customizing the Island

Because islands can be very expensive, I started by looking for a large, wooden cabinet which matched my two new cabinets that I just hung. (It had to be the right size to fit the freezer inside it.) I found one at Habitat for Humanity for $40 so I gutted it.

Because the freezer opens from the top, I needed the kitchen Island that also opens from the top. I removed the original top of the cabinet and I ordered a new counter top. (The new counter top would be a bit longer on two sides to allow for a bar-like seating area.) When the new counter top arrived, I attached it to my new island with hinges.

I removed the back of the cabinet so the freezer could breathe and put the island up against the wall.

The floor of the island needed to be removed so the freezer could slide inside it. I put the freezer on a home made dolly and fitted it inside.

In case I ever decided to fit a different appliance inside the cabinet, I left the original front doors.

I painted the new island and I placed two Japanese stools under the counter.

And VOILA! I have ample counter space, seating space, and an island while the freezer is nicely tucked away.

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    dragon flyer

    Question 7 months ago

    Nice camo for the freezer, but I wish there were a photo with the stools - I can't tell where the overhangs are they tuck under. But if there's no back on the freezer case I gather you don't actually pull it out to use as an island? That's what I assumed you meant by its being portable.
    I'm curious how warm it gets inside freezer compartment; I have a chest freezer in a closet, and it gets warm enough that I keep the door open a crack...

    1 answer