My First Knex Gun

My first handgun.
i finally remembered how i did it.
now that i have it again i'm not really as impressed with it..

Has a good range for a first, still i would not recommend building it.
Never jams

Hard pull back
Not true trigger
Non-removable mag
Annoying reload
Not the best range

The Uzi is a lot better isn't it??




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    its a good effort. trust me my first gun wasnt to good either... it was a pistol with electrical tape all over it. it shot well though. i think its at my neighbors house somewhere/

    oh i thought you built my gun, i see this one is yours xD
    i think mine got around that range too,
    I'm working on a breach loading sniper and a handle fed sliding action pistol too :D the pistil is finished and i have the breach loading mech working :D

    eh, well the pistol is finished but jams all the time (As in theres never a time it doesnt jam when you load it) And i havent started on the body of the sniper.