New Bottom Loading Handle





Introduction: New Bottom Loading Handle

This is a new idea that i have been working on for some time now. i am so glad that i have finaly finished it. i use MLCAD for all the design ideas so the finished product is in MLCAD. I Hope u all like it.

Step 1: The Faces (Sides)

These are realy easy to make.

Step 2: Make the Inside Magazine

Dont make a mistake at this point.

Step 3: Moving Side

Make sure you really dont make a mistake here.

Step 4: Fixed Side

This is the easiest part to make

Step 5: Put It All Together

...Put it all together. This is where you need to concentrate. On the last pic there is a grey connector on the moving part. this should be connected to the free white rod on the inside magazine (it is free to move now). Now all you need to do is add a white rod at the bottom (there is still room to add a blue rod to push the bullets). Load the bullets (green rods) into the inside magazine by the open side of it. Close the open side by pushing the moving side until the blue rod connects to the white connectors. And youve done congratulations. Feel free to make any modifications as log as u say it is a modification of this handle. Also feel free to use this in any of your guns.



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    Oh yeah i forgot, The three white rods on the moving side should be blue. And on the last green rod on the orange connectors should be white.

    uh danny could you post how to install mlcad? cuz i cant figure it out on the website... AND THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE! PLZ HELP!

    its decent...but its essentially the common green rod mag with a shell...doesnt look to comfortable though...

    Interesting maybe somone can use this in a future gun thanks for posting a yet again good instructable and great idea that will be used by many, good job!