Origami Halloween Claws




Introduction: Origami Halloween Claws

For a nice halloween claws use a A4 or Letter format piece of paper. Even better is a square. If you have a square skip ahead to step 4 or just watch along the video and wait for you moment to join in.


you will need 1 sheet of paper per claw. printer paper works just fine.

Step 1:

all steps are the same as in the video. The images have been added so you have a nice printable diagram if you can't watch video.

the first image is the step, the second image the result

fold diangonally

Step 2:

fold the lower left hand corner on the lower right hand corner

Step 3:

fold the top 2 corners down in a 45° Angle

Step 4:

folde the model in half. people with a square join here and fold their sheet diagnolly (corner on corner)

Step 5:

fold your triangle corner to corner

Step 6:

fold the left hand corner so the edge is vertical

Step 7:

fold along the edge

Step 8:

stuff the right hand corner in the pocket

Step 9:

work your finger through the pocket and repeat the steps for each claw

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3 years ago

I made it, no image though in fact I'm typing with it right now.


3 years ago

Now that's a cool idea! And a very cheap way to create these for your costume as well. I'm going paint mine so it looks like there is blood on them.