Oversized Darth Vader Paper Helmet of Details

Introduction: Oversized Darth Vader Paper Helmet of Details

Ok SO i been browsing instructables for Darth Vader helmets for a very long time.. For some reason i only been able to find Bobbafett helmets, punk helmets, deadmou5e helmets, etc etc.. i wanted to make one so bad but no instructables for it..

I made this small instructable because i'm throwing everything i have for the shopbot contest and the make it real contest.. so please check out my other intructables and please vote for me!!







Anyways When making this helmet i finally reallized why they dont have Darth Vader instructables...... darth vader  helmets are extremely complicated and hard to make!!.. there is a lot of details and stuff that takes a lot of time to make..

However, if you like a challenge here is an instructable that will show you how to get started... stuff to avoid and how to do it right when you do it..

1st you have to download the paperuka file located here..


Once you have the file you have to inport it into illustrator or photoshop.. and put them together in a big file.. all together so you can stretch them out together and evenly.. this file has been rasterized.. which will make it pixelate which is not a very good thing.. however, if you are able to find a vector file.. it will be a lot crisper.. (if you do please let me know)

Anyways i did my helmet the cheap but harder way.. i don't recommend doing it this way at al!!! spend the money.. buy cardstock 400 paper and do it that way... it will save you time and time is money.. 

Anyways.. i printed my design.. then glued into cardboard paper.. and then cut it out.. thinking it will give me a stronger model and a cheaper model... i since did another R2D2 model and i found out this is not the case.. Cardstock is a lot easier and cheaper.. cardboard is a bit stronger but not worth the time..,

Anyways if you decide to do it this way,,, you will need the following


Print paper
Paperuka file
imaging program
microsoft publisher
paper glue
hot glue gun

Put all your files together in a big file.. arrange them.. and resize them  accordingly.. I used the mouth piece as reference.. like the respirator part... i however, did this a bit too big so i'm redoing it.. so in order to save time.. maybe print out the mouth area .. try it on.. then print the rest.. this will save you a lot of time..

You can divide the files into separate page files.. however, this takes a lot of time.. So instead i used this program call microsoft publisher.. this one let's you print banner files into multiple pages using one file.. this saved me a lot of time.. however, is mainly a PC program.. so if  you know of any other programs that let you print in banners let me know :)

Anyways print out you paper files.. glue them to your posterboard.. i used watered down wood glue.. but you should use paper glue for better results.. once dried.. start cutting them out..

there is no much instructions on this.. so i used the website as reference.... i had to redo the long part of the helmet twice because i put the inside of the helmet outside..  so keep track of your inside and outside parts..

i'm redoing this one because i made it too big for my head and because i wanna use cardstock.. but i'm using the same process... hopefully you guys like it and learn some Darth Vader Paperuka :) 

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