PEZ Repurposed for Old Folks!




Introduction: PEZ Repurposed for Old Folks!

Someone got me some fun pez dispensers (miss piggy and kermit, he's so sweet). but i'm 40 years old, and do not really eat candy. but i want to still have that little thrill of pulling out a cool pez and USING it, so i did about 60 seconds of experimentation, and voila! turns out that antacid tablets, which i do have an occasional use for lately, will fit into the pez dispenser if broken in half. And one feels much cooler breaking out a pez dispenser than a bottle of antacids in class, trust me.



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    Great idea, but keep it away from the grandkids

    I like it. I go through a lot of advil, and this would by nice.

    Pez should think about doing this for real! Think of the new market they would open up! This is just wonderful!