PSP Stopwatch

Introduction: PSP Stopwatch

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Yes it is here...

The PSP Stopwatch

No Custom Firmware Needed...

100% Legal...

Continues even when psp is OFF!!!!!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You will need...

Usb Adapter or memory stick adapter
THIS file below

Step 2: Only the Beginning

First plug the PSP in to your computer and open it in "My Computer"

Step 3: Install the Program

Now we will do the most important part

Put the file that got from Step 1 in the root of your memory stick

If you want you can put it in a new folder called "Accessories"
or something like that

Rename it "s" (no quotes) for easy access

Step 4: Run It!!!

Now that you have it in the folder you want you can eject the psp and play the program

Goto your internet browser and type in the address bar

file:/"where ever you put the file"/s.swf
(no quotes)

And hopefully this will come up

Step 5: Enjoy

You now have a stopwatch on your psp!!!
The cool thing is that even when your psp is off the application is still Running and Timing!!
No Internet Required(except for viewing this website)



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    This wont just work with this file, any flash file generally works. Google "psp portal", they usually have instructions.

    6 replies

    i know i have bowman 2 on mine but i didn't want to copy a instructable already on here

    i tried im a file expert with official firmware it is impossible but the psp go shows promise (new psp in oct. 1st)

    yes i cant wait. 16 GB!!!!!!! I think that you have to get all of the games for the PSN and there is no UMD holder but I could be wrong.

    realy?couse that would suck i mean how would you play the games and yeah i knoiw im going to get one i cant wait to sped all of my 7,000 dollars on it!! jk its not that mutch

    nothing exept some new features and some of the features you already have like view all steps on one page

    do you have to be connected to the internet?? i have no wifi....i know, how sad.... :( is there a way to use it with no internet connection????

    works perfectly for me you just got to know how to open your folders get to know how you playstation portable works

     Do you have Adobe Flash player set to "yes"...
    or make sure you put ".swf" at the end of your file path...
    make sure the path is correct

     Well there is 2 main ways(both not easy)
    Look into homebrew and learn the the ways to code it(Very hard!!)
    Learn Flash apps like these That are all games and don't all work on PSP but if you learn Adobe Flash coding and save it as .swf.

    The easiest thing to change on the PSP is the theme. You can make your own quite easily and I already have quite a while ago. Want it?