Perfect Beans on Toast

ingredients you will need.

  • 1 Tin of beans
  • Cheese (Any cheese that you want to use)
  • Reggae sauce

After trying this you will never have beans on toast any other way. something as basic as beans on toast can be a very nice meal and cheap.

Start by pouring your tin of beans in a pan and heat the pan on full heat until you see the beans start to heat up. Then add 2 large cup fulls of grated cheese the cheese of your choice. Then keep mixing with a wooden spoon until the cheese has melted in to the beans. By this point if the beans start to bubble turn the heat down and keep mixing. Once you have done this add a quarter of bottle of Reggae sauce. I know it sounds a lot but believe me it is worth it. keep mixing for about 2 mins until you see your beans go a nice dark brownish color if they are not add more sauce. At this point you want to put your bread in the toaster and wait. Once it has popped up and you have got your toast how you like it is ready to serve. Butter your toast and put it on a plate and pour your beans all over your toast.

believe me try it you will know what i mean.

Craig :)



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