Pickle Recycler: Your Favorite Flavor of Pickles...forever!

This is my first Instructable and something I do quite often. I love pickles and Claussen have always been my favorite store bought pickles. When I go to restaurants, many time they have fresh pickles made that day and they are uber fresh and have a refreshing taste and snap/crunch to them without being TOO pickled tasting. So one day, I decided simply to recycle the garlicky, spicy brine from Claussen pickles that I buy and add my own fresh cucumbers. I sometimes add extra spices to my liking as well (pepper, Tabasco, etc)

Although I like making pickles from scratch too, this simple, cost effective process eliminates the need for sterilizing bottles, creating a recipe, and is done in less than 2 minutes!

Try this with your favorite pickle flavor and see what you think!

Step 1: After You Have Finished the Pickles You Have Bought...

Why throw away the great tasting brine that makes your favorite pickle taste so yummy? Why not recycle the brine and the glass jar by adding your own cucumbers? It's delicious, made by you and very cost effective. Perhaps you grow your own cucumbers and this would cost you $00.00, otherwise it is just the cost of a cucumber.

Generally, after finishing a jar of pickles, you will have 50-60% liquid volume in the jar. When you add more cucumbers, to fill, the pickle jar will be approximately 100% full and the cucumbers will immediately begin to absorb the brine displacing their own flavor into the brine.

Step 2: Simply Cut You Cucumber to Size...

1. Get 1-2 full size cucumbers

2. Peel

3. Cut the length to fit inside the jar

4. Half or quarter the cucumber lengths

5. Add them to jar

6. Put back into the fridge

7. Wait a few hours, (I usually wait 24 hours)

8. Enjoy your fresh pickles

9. Repeat the process until you feel the brine has lost the flavor intensity you like (due to the displacement of the cucumbers moisture). I usually get another 4-5 jars of pickles out of just one!

Step 3: Here Is the Finished Product. Enjoy!

You just made pickles my friend!

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    6 Discussions


    22 days ago

    I have been doing this for years. I have put peppers, cukes, green tomato, onion...all kinds of veggies..in this and it is awesome.


    2 years ago

    an interesting alternative to actual pickling.

    I love your idea. I sometimes buy the hot, spicy B&B pickles, and then when I would buy regular dills (which are cheaper) I would take them out and put them in the spicy pickle jar with the leftover juice.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I will try this. I've made pickled eggs with the juice as well. Just boil up a dozen eggs and drop into the liquid. Wait about a week and try it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Yep! I've done this! It a great idea! Try throwing in a thick sliced onion.