Pillow Drums




Introduction: Pillow Drums

Pillow drums are slightly better than nothing, and nearly free. (for me at least)  You won't bother anybody, that's for sure.  The "snare"  is a taped up phone book. The kick pedal strikes a bit of cereal box and tissue pinned to the couch.  Get the pillows propped up where they go and flump away to your heart's content.  I think it's funny to pick up a pillow and say "I just added this new tom. Sweet, eh?"   I'm sure there are better ways to practice, but this is where it's at for now. 

 UPDATE -  Gave away the sofa to make room for real drums! Priorities straight. Taking lessons from a real person, and youtube "drum covers" are a good learning tool!

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    3 Discussions

    Iron Cowbell
    Iron Cowbell

    7 years ago

    I started drumming on a pillow, it's good for technique. Now I'm just wondering where you got the axis longboard pedal and the stool with a backrest because that's some nice gear for a person without a kit.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    :) I practiced like this for several months when I first started taking lessons. I figured if I could make some progress, then I could justify a kit. I ended up giving away that couch to make room for drums.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great thinking with what you've got. The one thing I would wonder about is the stick reaction. A lot of stick technique depends on the recoil from the drum. This setup will definitely get the arm movement down, though.