Plastic Bag Dispenser




Introduction: Plastic Bag Dispenser

An empty Kleenex box can be re-purposed as a small plastic bag dispenser.

Step 1: Get Empty Tissue Box

Once you have a tissue box that is empty, you can use it to store plastic bags which can be dispensed the same way that tissues are dispensed.

Step 2: Daisy Chain Plastic Bags Together

Take the loop or handle of the first plastic bag and take the bottom of the next plastic bag and feed it through and keep on doing this as you stuff each looped plastic bag into the slit of the Kleenex box. After you have stuffed the box full, you will end up with the handle end of the last plastic bag sticking out. Pulling a bag completely out, will help feed the next bag out and so on.



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    The daisy chain trick is excellent. Great idea, thank you for sharing this!