Plastic Bottle Water Fountain or Plastic Bottle Night Lamp

Introduction: Plastic Bottle Water Fountain or Plastic Bottle Night Lamp

About: i mainly focus on turning junk stuff into some productive stuff.

Most of us often see trash as a waste or a pile of unused items and do not think how valuable it can be if we try making something out of it .

And yes guys,this "Trash to Treasure" contest is the best place to display your creative minds and make people believe,how trash or waste items (especially plastic bottles) can be turned into valuable items instead of just disposing it off and polluting the environment.

I made a hanging water fountain (which can be even used as night lamp) from old plastic bottle.It's very simple to build and any one can make it. It have made it from completely waste stuff and didn't costed me much.

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Step 1: Basic Tools and Materials Needed


  • Scissor
  • Screwdriver
  • Plier
  • Knife
  • Soldering iron


  • Plastic bottle (1 x 1.5ltr or 2ltr plastic bottle)
  • lights (2 x any color light as per your choice)
  • Small Water pump
  • Thermocol piece
  • Silver foil
  • Screws
  • Pipes (half meter long and 7mm diameter )
  • Small Steel pieces

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle in to Upper Half and Lower Half

Take the plastic bottle and cut it into upper part (the conical shape one) and the lower half part.

Step 3: Building and Decorating the Upper Half of the Bottle

Take the upper part and make holes on it using soldering iron .Also make two holes near its bottom egde to fix it with other lower part of the bottle.Use silver foil to wrap the the upper part from inside and then again open the holes through silver foil.

Make a hole on its cap and pass the wire through it to make the lighting connection inside the upper part.Insert bulb in the holder.

Step 4: Building and Decorating the Lower Half of the Bottle

Take the lower half of the bottle and place mini water pump at the bottom and make the pipe connection.Make holes on the pipe.

Cut the thermocol equal to the diameter of plastic bottle and make a hole at centre of it to fix light.Put it into bottle.Cover the water pump with silver foil.

Take the small steel piece and fix it near edge of the bottle.Cover that part with silver foil as well.

Step 5: Joining the Upper Half and Lower Half Parts Together and Making Electrical Connection

Fix the upper and lower part with screw and nut.

Both the light bulbs as well as mini water pump is connected in parallel and works on 240v AC.(BE CAREFULL)

Step 6: Great Work and Yesss You Are Done!!!!

It looks amazing in dark and hanging water fountain is something different.You can even use it as nigh lamp.

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