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Hey Everybody i am working on my doas Or double barrel. Oodammo. Assault. Shotgun.
it currently weighs roughly 8 pounds and has a range of 50 feet has two oodammo mags.
thought i should post what i have so far.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Damn that thing is huge!!! I think i some areas u can slim it down so ot doesnt look like a block. But i dont care about looks to much all the time. This seems to work really good and seems like you know what your are doing. I like the gun and the way you build things! Hope we see you active on this site!

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    Ok heres what kinetic told me. I dont know if you are familiar with him or not but i had the great honor to collaborate with him and have him give me ideas for some of my guns. He told me, dont ask to make something, just do it. Surprise people with what you have decided to build. I was just like you before i worked with him. Im not saying im better than you becuase you seem to know a little more. But over here in instructables we just post it and see the results afterwards. I hope this kind of helps haha. But yes you should try it. Always do something that will make your gun beter.

    hey thanks i will try to do some of it either tommarow or this weekend cause i have been sick for the past week

    Wow dude that looks good. And if you wanna add new pics in the instructable there will be a box up to your right and it will say edit. Click that and go down upload new pics and your good


    This thing is actually cool! If I ever made a gun like this one or similar, i'd find ways to make it more powerful, and try to make it lighter without sacrificing too much strength.

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    One other thing: take some more pictures of the gun so others can see it from several angles, not just a couple angles, and it could probably give me a better idea of the gun.