Public Bathroom Ethos

Ok, alot of this should be obvious to most people but it's something I've noticed and I find it disgusting... just thought I'd teach some people a little manners.

by the way, I didn't take the pictures, they're from google image search,I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of public restrooms.

Step 1: Urinal Etiquette(just for the Guys)

Try and get the biggest gap as humanly possible between you and the nearest occupied urinal. The safety or splash zone if you will:
I think my reasoning behind this is obvious

Step 2: Cubicles

If your going to use the cubicle for the obvious reason- for the love of God, that handle on the cistern is there for a reason, if not for yourself, for the nostrils of others flush the toilet.

Step 3: Sinks

Come on, your perents would have taught you this when you were small, yet it amazes me how many people don't wash there hands.
It's gross, you go to the toilet then walk out and touch the door, then people who have washed their hands touch the door and it defeats the purpose. Or worse yet in a bar, you drink, you use the toilet, don't wash your hands and stick your hand in a bowl of nuts or something ... wash your hands.



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    12 years ago

    I agree with rotor. To everybody, please take a few seconds to spell-check before you post. That having been said, I can appreciate why somebody would go to the trouble of making an instructible like this. Apparently, peaople never learned these common sense rules. 1.) Shut up in the bathroom. (This rule is apparently not applicable in the women's restroom, or so I'm told.) 2.) Don't pick the urinal right next to me, especially if there is no "privacy partition". If you have no choice, use a stall. If that's not an option, wait. 3.) Wash your hands. #1, #2, doesn't matter. Wash. No exceptions. 4.) And since people cannot be trusted to follow rule #3, open the door with ANYTHING other than your bare hand.

    19 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    He fixed all the ones he saw; we just need to kick the Instructables admins until they give us a spell checker in the toolbar.


    Reply 12 years ago

    Or FREAKING PROOFREAD (and learn to spell) Now it might be just me, but I had learned learmed most of my spelling by ~3rd - 6th grade. Now, either the internet is primarily frequented by a teeming horde of kindergardeners, or people are just terminally lazy.


    Reply 12 years ago

    I find it ironic that you spelled 'learned' 'learmed'. Anywho, I agree.


    Reply 12 years ago

    Hah! I seem to have a sudden affliction of foot-in-mouth disease. In any case, I still think a spell checker is still superfluous. Besides, checking your own spelling actually improves your knowledge of the english language over time. In my case, most of my spelling errors come from mis-typing, not mis-spelling words, but your experience may vary.

    I think a spell-cheaker is aa good idea, spelling isn't my strong point, and it helps even if your good at english as we all make mistakes