Quick, Nearly Invisible, Almost Too Simple Fix for a Slippery Hanger



There are a few clothes that always seem to slip off  hangers and end up on the closet floor.   I wanted a quick, simple and inexpensive way to solve the problem.   I found some e-grips tape in a drawer (Note: e-grips sells strips and tapes with a rubbery top surface and are typically used to keep cell phones and other devices from slipping) and came up with the following quick fix.

Step 1: Materials

Wooden hanger (should work with wire hanger as well)

E-grips tape (or probably any tape with a "rough" top side)


Step 2: Cut Two Pieces of E-grips Tape, Each Approximately 2 Inches in Length.

Step 3: Attach Tape on Areas of Hanger Where Clothes Will Make Contact With Hanger.

Step 4: Hang Clothing. the Clothes Won’t Slip Off the Hanger. and You Can Barely See the Tape.



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