Reclaimed Kids Table From Washing Machine Parts




I had some washing machine parts laying around at home and therefore I decided to make something useful out of it. After considering the various alternatives about putting those parts into use I finally settled with the idea of making a kids table.

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Step 1: Materials Required

To make the table I have use a washing machine's agitator as the foot of the table and used the top cover of the washing machine as the table top. Other materials used include:


aluminium rod

piece of cloth

a piece of wood and 4 wooden sticks

Step 2: Assembling the Table

To fix the table top to the washing machine's agitator, I have cut a piece of wood that fits in perfectly on the agitators top. I have used some screws to fix the circular piece of wood in the center, beneath the table top and to the agitator. I have also drilled a whole in the middle of the table top to add a small umbrella.

Step 3: Making the Umbrella

For the umbrella, I have cut another circular piece of wood and the drilled 4 holes on the sides at each quarter. The I have fixed the aluminium rod tightly in the wood. After inserting the 4 wooden sticks I have covered the top of the umbrella with a piece of cloth with the help of some rope and a needle.

Step 4: The Final Product

The table turned out to be just the perfect height for kids and very stable. My kids love to eat their food and have some fun activities using this table.

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    1 year ago

    That's a neat way to reuse those parts :)