Remedies for Winter and Summer Ailments



Introduction: Remedies for Winter and Summer Ailments

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These are some remedies for winter ailments like the flu, cold, and pneumonia, as well as for summer ailments like sunburns and bug bites. I got these from my mom; they're simple, easy to make, and unlike many store bought medicines, they can be used for small children. Just rub some on at the first sign of symptoms and you will be on the fast track to feeling better.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Like most home remedies, there are only a few simple things you will need
- Coconut oil
- Olive oil
- Shea oil(also called shea butter)
- Oregano, Lavender, and Lemon essential oils
-Aloe Vera
- Small jar or Tupperware

The coconut and olive oils can be found at most grocery stores. Dollar stores usually have a good selection of small containers if you don't have any on hand. Aloe Vera is best if it's home grown, but you can buy the gel stuff almost anywhere you can find sunscreen. And the shea and essential oils are commonly found in health stores or online.

Step 2: Mix It Together

For the winter remedy, mix together 2 Tbsp each of coconut oil, olive oil, and shea oil. You may need to warm them up a little to get them to mix evenly. When you have a consistent mixture add 1 Tbsp oregano oil, or if you are mixing for children 2 and younger add only 1tsp if oregano oil.
For the summer remedy, it is the same except that you will also add 2 Tbsp of Aloe Vera and instead of 1 Tbsp oregano oil, you will add 1/2 tsp each of lemon and lavender oil. And since these oils are milder than oregano there is no need to dilute this one for children.
Scoop the mixture into a container that will seal, it should be roughly the consistency of room temperature butter so it may be a bit messy but shouldn't be too tough to transfer.
The antimicrobial properties of essential oils break down in uv light so be sure to store in a refrigerator or cupboard where they are out of the sunlight(I prefer the refrigerator because it feels good to put it in when it's cold).

Step 3: Use It

For the winter remedy, when you start to feel symptoms coming on massage some on the bottom of your feet; it doesn't take a lot, just enough to coat them. You can also rub some on the back of your neck but be sure not to get any near your eyes.
The reason for putting it on your feet is because this is where you're biggest capillaries are and they lead to most of your major arteries, particularly the ones that flow to several of your organs. As mentioned earlier, oregano oil has antimicrobial properties; so do coconut oil and shea oil and the acetic acid in coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which aides in maintaining proper blood flow for more efficient healing. Keep in mind: this remedy doesn't mask symptoms; you will likely still feel at least a little sick, but what this remedy is good for is helping you get back to normal faster.
For the summer remedy, simply apply as much as needed on sunburns, bug bites, heat rash, etc. It even works as Lotion. The reason this remedy is good is because these oils are called breathable oils; this means that oxygen(which your skin needs when healing) is able to pass through it, unlike many other household oils such as corn oil and butter. Also, shea oil is a good heat sink which means it will help pull the heat your body puts off when sunburned.
Important Note: Some people have allergies to one or more of these ingredients, especially coconut oil. Please keep that in mind when trying this and only use a very small amount the first time.
We use these all the time in my family and like them quite a bit, I hope you enjoy them too and thanks for reading!

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