Replicator Stabilized ABS Cooling

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When I saw the MakerBot Replicator 2X with the "six sided enclosure for stabilized abs cooling," I knew I needed that for my machine.

I've closed off the sides with paper and duct tape before, but never the top. 

Using cardboard and duct tape, I've created a "lid" that lets me test "extruding" with an enclosure (before I go to the effort of building something pretty out of acrylic). 

Preliminary tests indicate at least 20 degrees F higher temperature with the lid.

Step 1:

I started with a 17 inch by 3 inch piece of cardboard for the upper rear.

Step 2:

As you can see, my thoughts and my measurements didn't produce the correct result.

That's the nice thing about cardboard--next step.

Step 3:

I just cut out a little more and things look better.

Step 4:

I found a box that was 17 inches long and I cut it down to 6 inches in height.

Step 5:

I cut the two front sides to open up the box.

Step 6:

With duct tape, I added my first piece to the box and secured a couple of "wobbly" spots.

Step 7:

Next, I cut a 6 inch strip, bent it and added it to the box with duct tape.

Step 8:

I had to add another little piece to complete the enclosure.

Step 9:

I'll have to see if this improves the pulling and cracking on big builds, but it does look hopeful!



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