Right Handed Armlift, a K'nex Ball Machine Lift





Introduction: Right Handed Armlift, a K'nex Ball Machine Lift

About: I'm a 17 years old K'nex ball machine builder. I'm from Holland.
I hope it's all clear enough.
Any questions? comment!

Green: 77
White 39
Blue: 97
Yellow: 39
Red: 43
Grey: 7

Dark-grey: 31
Light-grey: 4
Orange: 23
Red: 24
Green: 32
Yellow: 49
White: 3
Purple: 52
Blue: 22

Blue spacer: 103
Tan clip: 16
Y-clip: 30
Blue clip: 6
Blue gear: 1
Red gear: 5
Chain link: 32
Motor: 1

Step 1: Entrance Track

Step 2: Motor and First Crank

Step 3: First Arm

Step 4: Second Crank and Arm

Step 5: Two Arms and Exit Track

Step 6: Chain

Difficult part because the two cranks have to work together.  

Step 7: Finished!

Your Right handed armlift is just finished! 



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    50 Discussions

    Is it possible to extend this lift?

    Cool lift... I'm going to build this lift.. maybe even 2 of them.. one right handed and one left handed.. but I doubt that it would work for me ... I don't have a steel file cabinet to bounce my balls off of..

    Of coarse you can, the motor is strong enough, I think. But than you have to make another crank. One crank for two arms.

    eventually maybe, but i have already all lifts done in apocalypse.
    But it is looking so awesome :)