Rotating Christmas Tree

Introduction: Rotating Christmas Tree

It's Christmas time and it's time to make a Christmas gadget. The best thing you can do is to tune up the symbol of this holiday - The Christmas tree. As i'm fan of mirror balls and other disco stuff i decided to use the mirror ball's motor for other purpose.

Step 1: Materials

Hare is a list of the materials and tools i used:

- artificial christmas tree (go green)- 60cm high-  $10
- mirror ball motor - $10
- wrapping paper - $0.5
- ribbon - $0.5
- 2.5mm bolt and nut
- empty box - approx the size of the motor and bigger
- transperant tape
- Christmas tree decoration
- scissors
- drill
- 3mm drill bit

Step 2: Preparing the Tree

The tree had a plastic cap on the bottom where the stand should be. I had to remove it to use the tube (used for stalk). I was extremly happy when i saw that the tube's inner diameter fits perfect the mottor's axis and i didn't have to make any improvements here. I just had to make a 3mm hole in the tree's tube so i can pin it with a bolt to the motor's axis. It originaly had 2 holes in the axis in 2 levels. I used the closest to the tip.

Step 3:

This is how it looked when ready.

Step 4: Wrapping the Gift (motor)

I decided to hide the motor in the thing you can see most often under the tree - gift. I used a cartboard box, christmas pattern wrapping paper and a gold ribbon. I started with wrapping by leaving the top side of the box as a top side of the gift because later i drilled a hole for the tree's stalk and motor's cable,  and i opened the bottom to put the mottor inside.

Step 5: Some Cutting

Next thing i had to do is cutting the bottom wrapping so i can open the box to instal the motor and drill a hole on the top. I left 1cm from each side of the wrapping so i can tape it when done.

Step 6: Instaling the Motor

Here i put the tree in the hole and bolt the motor to it from the inside.

Step 7: Repairing the Wrapping

Step 8: Ready for Decoration

After fixing the appearance i taped the ribbin as well.

Step 9: My Favourite Part - Decorating

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    4 years ago

    Well one mate, this is a very cool project :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Well "Done" lol :)