Rubber Sphero and Cylindro

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This is my First Instructables. A rubber wind up Sphero and Cylindro.

Step 1: Materials Required for Cylindro

Materials Required

  1. Waste cylindrical Container.
  2. Waste weight.
  3. Jump clip.
  4. Rubber.
  5. Selefon tape.

Tools Required

  1. Nose Plier.
  2. Iron Nail.

Step 2: Setup the Container

In the bottom of the container make a small hole in the center (size of the Jump clip).

In the top lid make a large hole in the center and a small hole for lock.

Step 3: Setup the Jump Clip

First make the jump clip straight. Place it to the height of the container, mark the center. Bend it to 90 degree. Mark the opposite side to the bottom of the container and bend it to 90 degree. then as per image make a bend to clamp the rubber, and the free end for hanging weight.

Step 4: Setup Weight and Key.

Counter weight i got here is from my scrap (Old sewing machine iron wheels). Use any method but weight want to be straight and cant touch the bottom while hanging.

Make a key using a part of jump clip as shown in the fold.

Step 5: Time to Assamble

First connect the rubber band on the assembly. insert the rod on the small hole in the bottom of the container. Stretch the rubber band and bring through the led center hole and insert the key there. Close the container.

Now its ready for action.

Step 6: For Rubber Sphero

Same as done for Cylinder. Here the ball is the chocolate container. Counter weight is a metal terminal block from scrap.

Lets try friends. Sorry if mistakes in summary.



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