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I have this little trailer that didn't come with any fenders. I thought " No big deal ". Then I drove it in the rail. The tires threw mud all over the back of my truck. Now I could have gone and bought some tin or plastic fenders for boat trailers, but after a while they seem to be bent or broken. So I thought, what can't break or rust and always springs back? Old truck tires! So I found a nice tire in the "Magic Woods" and brought it home. I used some chalk to lay it out, first in two haves and then just enough rim to look nice on the outside and space for mounting holes on the inside. Then a little radius on the sharp corners so no one cuts themselves. I used a saber saw to cut through the rubber and spur drills for wood cut the rubber nicely.

Step 1: Mounting Bolts and Washers

To hold the rubber fenders to my trailer I used three bolts with regular washers and 2" diameter plywood washers. Rubber has a way of working around things so I thought the plywood washers would hold. Well they have held for over 20 years.

Step 2: Still No Dents or Cracks!

So these rubber fenders have worked fine.

The first time a friend help me push the trailer around the yard he was afraid the bearings were frozen! He shouted " Stop! Stop! The tires aren't turning! " Ha Ha.

Hope you can use this idea.

Good luck, Carl.



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    15 days ago

    Great idea! I am going to give it a try and take some pictures... i was going to try and pull it off with wood, however I like tire better for various reasons. I was shopping and trailer fenders can be pricey or just super cheap crappy from China. It is difficult to cut a steel belted radial tire so that will probably be the biggest challenge. I have a new angle grinder so I should be OK. I'll check out some "truck tire dealers" tomorrow and look for a good size in the used/junk pile... My tires are short 10" however wide...

    1 reply

    Reply 14 days ago

    Hello Mark:
    I found my fender tire dumped in the woods. If you have a Drag Strip in your area they may have a tire for you. Their tires are usually quite wide and they don't keep them long. I use a fine toothed metal blade in my saber saw and had no problems with the steel plies. They are not hard to cut with the support from the rubber around them. It is similar to a tip on cutting sheet metal with a hack saw: Sandwich the metal between two sheets of plywood. The wood controls the rate of cut so the teeth can cut the steel with out snagging.
    Good luck, Carl.


    1 year ago

    Great idea. Next time, look at Stainless Steel FENDER WASHERS (and bolts and nuts in SS)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hello Charlessenf-gm:

    Stainless is Painless! The little trailer has been sold to a friend and I hope he has it for many more years.

    Thanks, Carl.


    2 years ago

    I LOVE it!!!

    So kool and a PERFECT use for an old tire!!