Santa Hat Made of Duct Tape!




Introduction: Santa Hat Made of Duct Tape!

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I was bored on the weekend, and decided to make a santa hat out of duct tape.

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Step 1: Supplies

what you need:
3 rolls of duct tape
some cardboard

Step 2: Step 1: Make a Huge Sheet of Duct Tape.

first, you have to make a rectangle outline on your cardboard. (pic 1)
then get strips laid out, sticky side up. (pic 2)
and make sure they slightly overlap. (pic 3)
end result is pic 4.
then do it again ontop of it, sticky side down. (pics 5-8)

Step 3: Step 2: Make a Cone

first, you have to draw a cone template by making a 90 degree angle near the bottom with a dot .(pics 1-3)
then, you have to cut it out. (pic 4)
then, use some of your string to make a curved line. (pic 5)
then cut that. (pic 6)
then amke it 3-d, and duct tape it on both sides. (pics 7 and 8)

Step 4: Step 3: the Ball

if you don't want a ball, disregard this step.
first, take your scraps from the cutting, and wrap them in duct tape. (pic 1)
then you have 2 options.
if you want string, just duct tape the string to the ball and the hat. (pics 2 and 3)
if not, just duct tape it to the hat. (pic 4)

Step 5: Suggestions

link/elf hat:
make it out of green duct tape, and dont add a ball.
true santa hat:
add a rim (not in the instructions) of white duct tape
make the cone out of red duct tape, and make the ball out of white duct tape.
elf hat type 2:
see santa hat, but use green instead of red.
true DUCT TAPE santa hat:
make it all out of silver duct tape, not chrome, silver, and yellow, which is what I used.

need the hat to be bigger?
extend the bottom part by adding some more duct tape to the bottom.

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