Short Sheet Bed Prank

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This simple prank is easy to execute and a perfect balance of annoying, frustrating, and funny. I'll show you how to short sheet the bed of a friend or loved one in no time flat.

What is short sheeting a bed?

short sheet

[shawrt sheet]

verb (used with object) fold and tuck in the top sheet of (a bed) so that it simulates both the top and bottom sheets: when the victim of this joke enters the bed, his or her legs are obstructed by the fold. short-sheet the bed of (someone).*


Now put on your mischievous face and let's get to work!

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Step 1: Take Note, Then Un-build

Take note of how your victim's bed is normally made, as you're going to want to re-make it to look the same once you've achieved short sheetness.

Remove everything but the fitted sheet from the bed.

Step 2: Flip It and Reverse It

Put the top sheet back on so that the end that would normally go at the head of the bed is instead at the foot of the bed.

Go to the head of the bed and neatly tuck and fold the corners of the other end of the top sheet under the mattress. (like pictured)

Step 3: Half It

Now grab the untucked end of the top sheet from the foot of the bed and fold the top sheet back on itself, in half.

Replace the blanket/quilt.

Step 4: ReMake

Now remake the bed so that it looks as close as possible to how it looked before you got all sneaky and stuff.

Step 5: Satisfaction

Here's the part where you walk away knowing that when it comes time for your victim to crawl into bed, they will have a moment of utter bewilderment, maybe frustration (depending on their level of intoxication or fatigue), before having a good chuckle and head shake (if they're a good sport) while they undo all your hard work and plot their revenge...

Happy April Fools Day!

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    2 years ago

    When I was 12, my sister would sneak out of the house in the middle of the night. I would short sheet her bed (we shared a room with bunk beds), do when she'd get home, she would climb thru the window and would never turn on the light. lol.. worked every time! Another time I stacked pits and pans with cookie sheets outside the window. She made a HUGE entrance!

    pi is the best

    4 years ago

    Man. This worked so well that I forgot about what I did to my bed and fell for it...

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! When i was a kid, we short sheeted a honeymoon bed after we crumbled crackers in the sheets in like 1972!! Sweet dreams! LOL!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    To me this is known as a "sailors bed". In old days sailors (and soldiers) used to have their bed like this because it looks OK when inspected, and they slept on top in their uniform, witch allowed them to get up and out faster in case of emergency.

    Who uses a top sheet nowadays?

    The last time i climbed into bed from the top, i must have been about fourteen years old. I'm 49 now and have been using a quilt since then...


    4 years ago

    You can also add glitter, or fake bugs etc for added effect!


    4 years ago

    This is funny


    4 years ago

    Lol, I haven't heard of shortsheeting in many years! Thanks for keeping it alive!