Simple and Low Cost 6 Legs Spider Lego Robot




Sorry for kind of rush for this document.

This is a simple 6 legs, 12 mini servo spider and make used of Lego plate, you can add more lego on your final design. The cost is just 12 mini servos + 3d printed Lego mount + your Lego


Step 1: Prepare 6 Sets of Mini Servo Lego Mount

You need 12 mini servo MG90S and 6 set of this Mini servo Lego adapter, the green one for mount on the lego plate. It has 3 faces, can use any of it for difference orientation.

And a lego plate, what I am using is a 4" x 8" lego plate.

Step 2: Plug in Mini Servo.

plug in mini servo and screw it tide.

Step 3:

For another mount, there is a gap at the bottom which suitable for one mini servo header.

Then put in a long screw on the top ( this screw should come with the servo motor )

Then screw it on the mini servo which plugged on the base mount.

Step 4: Put on Spider Leg

For the spider legs, put another single arm mini servo header on one side, then mount on the mini servo motor.

Step 5: Plug on Lego Plate

Final step is plug on Lego plate. I still have 2 spider legs not printed. So it only show you 4 legs here. I will keep it update.

Thanks for viewing.



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    3 years ago

    excited to try this, crazy about Lego adapters. Will you include the 3D print file?

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    for those who do not ow a 3d printer, here is the the pre-printed


    Awesome robot. I love how it is Lego based so you can build your own housing anyway that you want.