Simple Paper Airplane.

Introduction: Simple Paper Airplane.

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In this instructable you will be making a paper airplane. I will try to make the steps clear and simple.

The materials required to create such an airplaine are simple, a piece of printer paper and your hands. oh and if you wish to use your brain you are welcome to do so.

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Step 1: Step One

Ok to start out you will need to take the piece of paper and set it so that it is lying verticaly on the table. the next step is very tricky. You will be folding horrizontally (hot dog style.)  make sure that the paper is perfectly even. if not it can thow off all the other steps.

Step 2: Step Two.

Ok once you have folded it in half you will unfold it, simple enough. make sure that you have the paper so that the sticky-outy part of the fold is facing down.

Step 3: Step Three.

Take the upper right corner and pull it down until it lines up with the center fold. Once the paper is lined up crease it using your fingernail, this will make the crease tight and will help keep the paper tight. once you fold the right side do the same to the left. if you have folded correctly the folds should line up and make a strait line.

Step 4: Step Four.

OK once you have folded both sides then you will go back to the right corner and fold it down to the center again. make sure that it is equal to the center line so that it lines up perfectly.  then do the same to the left side. it should look like the picture when you finish this step.

Step 5: Step Five.

ok now you go back to the right side and fold it down to the center again. as always make sure that is lines up. once you have the right side done then go to the left and repeat.

Step 6: Step Six.

ok now turn the paper air plane over and fold it left to right so that the wings are lined up with each other. crease the center line. now bring the wings up and your airplane is ready to fly.

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