Simple Way to Organize Your Own Planner





Introduction: Simple Way to Organize Your Own Planner

About: Fashion, styling, studing, crafting and learning -these 5 things define me...♥♥♥

Planner is a simple but stylish and clever way to Organize your life.I am a planner addict and love to organise my planner in my own suitable way.Here is a sample of my 2015 passion planner...

Step 1: First, Think About Organising

Here's a sample of my thoughts..I planned my pages and their contents.

Step 2: Now, You Just Need These - a Diary /filofax, Tape,stickers and Cutouts From Magazines.

Step 3: Make Sections for Your Planner

My first page contains a quote and my name..

Step 4: First Section: Daily and Weekly Plans

Step 5: Second Section: Fashion

I took the cutouts from magazines and taped them..I also added quotes about fashion..

Step 6: Third Section: Lifestyle

Here I am gonna write my productive ideas...

Step 7: Other Sections:Meal Planning,Fun Activities Planning and Beauty Panning.i Added My Exercise Plans in My Weekly Plans.

Step 8:



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