A Simple&Easy Window Vertical Farm - Part 2 WATERING



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As a urban gardener, we utilise clean tap water to sustain our living plant. Do we just drench the pot and let the excess drain out and go to waste? Can we optimise the use of this scarce utility and be a responsible gardener?

Following my earlier tutorial video on creating A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm, it is worthy to note that the pots (cups) are with drainage holes and are enable to fully optimise water efficiency with the strategic setup. I've illustrated how this system can save watering time, effort & the precious water. And most important of all is our responsibility to ensure we go green by NOT generating more waste while we enjoy our hobby.

So far my plants are well hydrated and happy, so am I!

Following I shall share the steps of how it helps to serve its advantage:

Step 1: Ensure all pots (disposable cups) are with drainage holes at the base;

Step 2: Align them vertically on the window grill;

Step 3: Feed water to the top most pot until water started to drain out;

Step 4: Let the water trickle down to feed the pot below it;

Step 5: Put a cup or container at the last pot to collect excess water;

Step 6: Allow all the water to drip thoroughly for sometime, where all the pot has taken up the amount of water that they needed, while attend to other column of vertical farm and return later to recycle the collected water in the last pot.

Should you want to know how the simple way of recycling the disposable cups as hanging pot using just wire, checkout my part 1 Setup video.





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