Sliding TV Mount Using Drawer Slides

With a 3 monitor setup on your PC, it is quite easy to start having too many screens. What was needed was to have the option to have a TV when needed and be able to easily hide it from view when not in use. Some scrap plywood and two drawer slides are all that was needed.

Step 1:

I screwed a small piece of scrap to the back of my 22 inch TV and a attached the two drawer slides. I then took the other haves of the slides and mounted them to a piece of scrap that attached to the wall. After that, I slid the two pieces together and it gave me a sliding tv mount. I could slide the TV behind one of my 23 inch monitors out of view until it's needed.

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    1 year ago

    Nifty idea .Maybe I could improve this in my caravan to slide into a wall cavity or cupboard like a sliding door.