St. Patrick's Day Graphic Eye Makeup Tutorial!




Introduction: St. Patrick's Day Graphic Eye Makeup Tutorial!

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If you're like me, you don't own a single piece of green clothing (and I no longer have green hair to boot!), so to avoid any pinches today I had to create a look with green eyeshadow. Read on to learn how to recreate my look!

Step 1: Prep & Prime

Begin with clean, dry eyelids and apply a primer. I'm using NYX Eye Prime in Natural, applied with a large fluffy crease brush (Real Techniques crease brush).

Step 2: Apply Base Shadow

Apply a neutral base shadow with a large eyeshadow brush from lashline to brow. I'm using Strange from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but any matte shade slightly lighter than your skintone will work.

Step 3: Apply Transition Shade

Apply a warm brown eyeshadow lightly from crease to browbone. I'm using a very unique shade, a warm brown with a duochrome green shimmer (Girly from the Too Faced Pretty Rebel palette). This shade was perfect for this makeup but any warm brown will do.

Step 4: Add a Spring Green

Using a medium-sized fluffy eyeshadow brush, add a spring green eyeshadow to your crease and blend into the warm brown transition shade.

Step 5: Define Your Crease

Using a thin, flat eyeshadow or eyeliner brush and short sketching motions, add an emerald green shadow to only your inner crease.

Step 6: Add a Drop Shadow

Using the same brush as in the last step, carry the emerald green halfway across your bottom lashline. Either clean your brush or use another one to line your inner lashline with the spring green shade we used before.

Step 7: Add Highlights

Using a small eyeshadow brush, brush a shimmery white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes and just beneath your eyebrows.

Step 8: Add Graphic Liner

Add a graphic winged black eyeliner. I'm using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black with an angled liner brush. Tip: for perfect wings, tilt your head back and follow your lower lashline!

Step 9: Apply False Lashes

First, measure the lashes against your eye and trim them shorter if necessary. Shape the lashes by bending them in a horseshoe shape for about 30-60 seconds. Apply eyelash glue (black or dark-toned if you have it) in a thin line to the band of the lashes using a spatula, then allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds before setting them into your lashline. I find it easiest to use tweezers or those fun applicators that sometimes come with false lashes! Tap them into place using a spatula or the back end of a small brush. To blend your own lashes with the false lashes flawlessly, curl both your lashes and the falsies once the glue has dried and then apply mascara to blend the two together.

Step 10: The Finished Look

I applied my foundation, powder, bronzer, and blush after applying my eye makeup to avoid fallout, which often happens with very pigmented shadows. To keep my makeup from being too monochromatic, I applied a pink-toned blush and a violet-toned lipstick (Heroine by MAC). Now I can avoid any errant pinches!

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    6 years ago

    A lot of people do not know just how to get the look they want. you've done a good service. i have a really great idea. If you do any more tutorials i would supply the hand crafted jewelry for only the mentioning of who its by. ( design by--me) lol if interested reply. ( I would mail it to you in time for next added tutorial.)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I've always wondered how to apply really bright eye makeup. I'll definitely try this!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Applying a nude or white eyeshadow as a base tone really helps to make colors pop! I also recommend using several different tones of the same shade to add highlights and contours and intensify the color.


    6 years ago

    Thank you for your make-up tutorials..:) Your new hair colour is nice too .