Storage for Multiple Small Items




Introduction: Storage for Multiple Small Items

i have multiple small items that is mixed in a plastic bag and it takes time to find a single thing. so, the idea for multiple small items storage came into mind..

Step 1: Material Preparation

things that i need:

1. cutter

2. scissor

3.4 pcs of A4 paper

4.a plastic case from chocolate set.

Skills needed:

simple origami : box

Step 2: Make Small Origami Boxes

Fold 1 piece of A4 paper into the plastic case as base.

Now start making small origami boxes with accordance to the picture shown.

1 piece of A4 paper can make 2 small origami boxes. In this, 3 pcs of A4 paper is used to create 6 small origami boxes.

oopss..corrected it

Step 3: Place the Mini Items Into the Origami Boxes

after completing the origami boxes, placed it into the plastic case. ta..da... there you go, mini storage.



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woops..thanks glad u nailed it! i just care to share but forget to check ('',)

I was eager to try this, but I can't figure out what to do to get from 7 to 8 in the folding steps. I can't see the connection between these two. Then it 10 looks like an entirely different piece of paper than the one I am holding! It is the way of origami, I know, but I am origami challenged. Any suggestions? Is folding step 7 a doubled over rectangle to create a square, then the folds are applied?

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