Sugru LEGO Pen Toppers

Intro: Sugru LEGO Pen Toppers

This was one of the projects we completed at our Sugru LEGO Build Night in September. Our programs are often attended by families so we needed an easy and inexpensive idea for our build night. The kids and adults had a lot of fun digging through our collection of LEGOs and making some cool pen toppers.

Step 1: Materials

  • Sugru
  • Lego Figure Heads or other small building toy figures
  • Pens, markers or whatever writing utensil you like that has a lid with a smooth top

Step 2: How to Make It

  1. Choose your pen and LEGO head
  2. Take a small piece of Sugru and form a ball
  3. Place the Sugru ball on the top of the pen lid and squish it down a little bit
  4. Squish the LEGO head onto the ball of Sugru
  5. Smooth the edges of the Surgu and let it dry

Step 3:



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