Surgical Shotgun




This is like my other surgical tubing weapon, only sturdier and easier to load.  I used surgical tubing because rubber bands break a lot and surgical tubing is stronger.  Surgical tubing can be foung at the Home Depot.

Uses surgical tubing
is sturdy
has 2 handles
has a real ltrigger
shoots really far
has wheels

only 1 shot per load
uses a lot of yellow connectors
no scope

Step 1: Pieces

These are the pieces needed to make the gun.  They may be off by one or two, but they are probably exact.

orange:10 (not red)
blue:     37
white:   80
green:  158

white:    2 (one is the ammo)
blue:     4
yellow: 102
purple:  30
green:   13
red:        14
orange: 42
grey:      74 (the darker grey)

big wheels:        2
little locks:          5
big locks:            3
blue circles:       42
surgical tubing: about 6 feet
rubber bands:   1 (small)

Yes, there are 2 different kinds of locks.  If you look at the back of your locks closley, some of them look different.  The big locks have bigger indents in the back of them.

Step 2: Make the Lower Runway

Pieces needed:

orange: 8
blue:      8
white:    8
green:   49

white:    1
yellow:  43
purple:  8
green:    3
red:        4
orange: 13
grey:       56

small locks:  2
big locks:      1
blue circles: 12

1: top view
2: bottom view
3: make this
4: slide in the orange rods
5: attach yellow and green connectors
6: zoomed in view of the last step
7: zoomed in on green connector
8: make these (they are all the same)
9: slide into the open orange and yellow connectors
10: zoomed in on one
11: attach yellow connectors to the white rods like on the other side
12: zoomed in
13: attach green and yellow connectors together with green rods
14: make this
15: attach a lock
16: attach a lock to the other side facing the same way
17: push the locks together and attach a grey connector
18: attach this to the rest of the runway with green rods
19: make this
20: attach the yellow connectors to the red connectors with green rods
21: attach it to the rest to the runway with green rods
22: slide in a white rod here
23: attach a big lock to it
24: attach grey connectors and blue circles
25: the same way as the first first one
26: the next one facing the other way
27: the last one like this
28: purple connectors go here
29: zoomed in
30: red connectors go on the other side.
31: yellow connectors go here
32: make these
33: attach them here
34: attach blue rods to the yellow and purple connectors

Step 3: Make the Side Supports

There are two of them and they mirror each other

Pieces needed for this step:

blue:   28
white: 16

yellow:   12
purple:   4
green:    2
orange: 12
grey: 4

blue circles: 18

1: finished view
2: build this
3: attach blue circles
4: make these
5: slide them on the white rods

Step 4: Attach the Side Supports to the Bottom Runway

They both attach the same way

1: pre-attached view
2: attach the white rods of the side supports to the lower runway's connectors
3: close up view
4: another view

Step 5: Make the Wheel Areas

Just like the side supports, there are 2 of them and they mirror each other.

Pieces needed:

white:  16
green: 20

blue:     2
purple: 18
red:       4
grey:      8

big wheels:  2
blue circles: 8
small locks: 2
big locks:      2

1: full built view
2: build these
3: attach white rods
4: slide on blue circles
5: slide on big wheels
6: make these
7: slide on blue circles
8: make these
9: snap them on
10: slide blue circles between
11: slidethem on to the rest of the wheel area like this
12: side view
13: make these
14: slide the locks together
15: attach them to the purple connectors
16: another view
17: add on some pieces
18: add on white rods
19: add on blue circles
20: slide the white rods through
21: spin the pieces around to attach the purple connectors to the white rods
22. another view

Step 6: Attach Wheel Areas to the Gun

1: pre-attached view
2: attach the wheel area's green and white rods to the gun's purple connectors
3:  zoomed in view

Step 7: Make and Attach the Back Handle

The back handle has a built-in trigger.  I combined the steps of making it and attaching it because it is a lot easier this way.

Pieces needed for this step:

blue:   1
white:  15
green: 18

blue:      2
yellow:  7
green:   4
red:        4
orange: 1
grey:      3

small locks:                2
small rubber bands: 1

1: you will make these
2: make this
3: atach its white rod to the bottom runway's green connector
4: make this
5: attach a lock
6: attach a lock on the other side, making sure they are facing the same way
7: slide the locks together and attach a grey connector
8: make these, they are the same
9: attach them to the piece you just made, the same on both sides
10: make this
11: snap it on to the red connectors
12: slide a white rod through the green connectors
13: snap on a grey connector
14: turn it this way
15: slide the piece you just made over the other piece of the handle
16: attach the handle piece to the bottom runway with green and white rods
17: do the same on the other side
18: put on the rubber band
19: it goes on the wame way on the other side
20: attach 2 white rods, you are done

Step 8: Make and Attach the Front Handle

Like the last step, this step is making it and attaching it.

Pieces needed for this step:

white:  10
green: 23

yellow: 10
green:  2
red:       2
grey:     1

1: make this
2: sttach it to the lower runway here, notice which way it is facing
3: make these, they are the same
4: make this
5: snap it into the green connectors of the pieces you just made
6: remove 2 grey connectors from the lower runway to give you more room
7: slide the handle piece you just made over the other piece you make earlier this step
8: pull the handle's sides apart slightly so you can attach its green and white rods to the lower runway's yellow connectors
9: same thing on the other side
10: put the grey connectors back

Step 9: Attach the Surgical Tubing

You will need to know how to tie a good knot for this step.

1: slide the surgical tubing onto one of the wheels
2: slide it ont othe other wheel
3: make sure there is abuot the same amount of tubing on both sides of the gun
4: tie a good knot to the white rod at the back of the gun
5: tie a good knot to the white rod on the other side
6: make sure it is firm, but not tight

Step 10: Make the Upper Runway

Pieces needed:

orange: 2
white:    15
green:   48

yellow:   30
green:    2
red:        2
orange: 16
grey:       2

blue circles: 4

1: finished view
2: make this
3: make these, they are all the same
4: slide their white rods through the orange connectors, don't do this to the connectors on the ends
5: zoomed in view
6: attach the other yellow connectors to the white rods on the other side of the orange connectors
7: zoomed in view
8: make this
9: slide it through the grey connector
10: zoomed in view
11: attach the other red connector
12: slide on a blue circle
13: attach 5 grey connectors
14: slide on another blue circle
15: make this
16: slide it through the only open orangr connector
17: zooned in view
18: attach another green connector
19: slide on a blue circle and attach 5 grey connectors
20: slide on another blue circle
21: attach all the connectors together with green rods
22: zoomed in view
23: flip it over, making sure the blue circles do not fall off

Step 11: Attach the Upper Runway to the Rest of the Gun

1: pre attached view
2: snap its orange rods into the blue connectors on the front of the gun and to the green connectors on the back of the gun
3: zoomed in on the front attachment
4: zoomed in on the back attachment

Step 12: Loading

Pieces needed:

white: 1

Actually, you can use a small wheel as ammo.  They can go really far when the gun is shot facing sideways, but it is less accurate than shooting a white connector.

1: pull the surgical tubing back over the white connector.  You can press the gun up against yourself and use 2 hands.
2: another view
3: zoomed in on the white connector
4: slide the white connector (ammo) through the front of the gun and back to here

Step 13: Firing

Just pull the trigger.  It is on the back handle.



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