Sweet Black Rice Porridge



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Super good and healthy for rainy/winter days.

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Step 1: Method

The night before, soak with a lot of water in separate bowls:

1 1/2 c mung beans

1 1/2 c black glutinous rice

The following day, in separate pots:

Rinse and drain mung beans, place into a pot, add in 1/2 c - 3/4 c sugar (depending how sweet you like your porridge to be), stir. Pour in enough water to cover the mixture and bring to boil on high heat then turn down heat to medium. Let simmer until mung beans are soften and break apart. Adding more water as needed while cooking.

Rinse and drain black rice, place into a pot, add in 3/4 c - 1 c sugar (depending how sweet you like your porridge to be. Sugar can be regular, brown, or coconut palm sugar), stir. Pour in 6 cups of water, bring to boil on high heat, stirring often. Turn down to medium heat and let simmer until rice is super soft, turning into porridge. Mixture may splatter so please be careful as it is very hot. Adding more cups of water (12-20 cups) as needed while cooking to turn rice into porridge.

In another pot:

Bring to boil, 1 can of coconut milk with a tsp of salt and a screwpine leaf tied in knot.

Step 2: Serving

Pour a ladle or two black rice porridge into a bowl. Top with a ladle of soften mung bean and a ladle or two of coconut milk.

Serve warm in rainy/winter days, serve cold in summer days.

Enjoy :)

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