TUTORIAL: LEGO Legends of Chima- Inspired Chest Plate

Introduction: TUTORIAL: LEGO Legends of Chima- Inspired Chest Plate

project to start here

Step 1: Download Dimensions From Chest Plate Template.

Step 2: Draw Chest Plate According to Dimensions on Template.

Cut outline of chest plate using T-Bar (or other ruler/straight edge) and box cutter. (Note: Make sure the neck opening fits around your Chima fan's neck. Make any adjustments necessary.)

Step 3: Carefully Score Chest Plate Along Edges As Described on Template.

Fold chest plate down, forming front and back of the chest plate.

Step 4: ​From the Back Half of the Neck Hole, Cut Down the Middle and All the Way Down to the Back of the Chest Plate.

This will allow you to carefully place the chest plate on your child. 

Step 5: Using Template (page 2), Trace and Cut Template of the Sword Holster on Another Piece of Cardboard.

Step 6: ​Carefully Glue Together the Sword Holster With the Laval Chima Sword Dimensions in Mind.

Glue only part of sword holster that will be attached to the left backside of chest plate. (Please note that sword holster is aimed for right-handed users. You will need to make adjustments, such as inverting the template to make it usable for left-handed users.)

Step 7: Draw Shoulder Pieces of the Chest Plate on Cardboard Using Pen and Straight Edge.

Based on dimensions from template, draw two smaller shoulder pieces about a 1" to 1 1/2" from original shoulder piece on chest plate, using pen and straight edge. Cut out pieces and glue onto shoulders.

Step 8: Cut and Add Velcro Pieces to the Inside Back Side of the Chest Plate.

Step 9: Head Outside, and Spray Gold Paint on Chest Plate in an Open Ventilated Area.

Use a drop cloth to protect your floor.

(Note: As a good rule of thumb, when spray painting, use straight sweeping strokes. Do not saturate one area, or else the paint will begin to bleed down the chest plate. It's best to spray multiple light coats of paint.)

Step 10: Create Chi on Chest Plate.

While the paint dries, use a compass, create a circle template with radii (in inches) according to designs on pages 1 and 2 of pdf file, respectively. Cut out circles with an X-ACTO knife or box cutter.

Step 11: Paint Chi.

Paint the smaller circle with light blue crafting paint. Paint the larger circle with dark blue crafting paint.  Ask help from your little Chima fan to get him/her involved in the process. 

Step 12: Glue Light Blue Circle Onto Dark Blue Circle.

Then glue chi circles onto the center, frontside of the chest plate.

Step 13: Voila! Project Complete.

You have a golden Chima chest plate for your Chima fan!

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