The AF7 Sidearm




Hello everyone, This is my lastest gun i have made, The AF7 sidearm! I think this gun will be liked, as it is sturdy and reliable, and doesn't look half bad. The curved handle was thoght up by TheDunki, i just made it smaller. The trigger system was origially for the TDS so it has a broken peice, but easily be replaced by a black and dark grey connector. The gun itself is sturdy, making it capable of holding many rubberbands. Complementing this is the ram, which has a spring on it( not needed) so there is no more need to add tape to your ram( but it does take away a small teeny weeny bit of power) It has accurate plastosites(haha look i made a joke). The mag pusher looks a lot more neat than most, and doesnt spazz out on you when you try and take it out. This gun has never jammed on me, but most of you might wonder why sometimes the rod gets stuck on something, well that's the safety thingymajig which cannot be taken off. You will understand once you will build the gun, it's not that big of an issue. It doesnt use THAT many peices but at the same time still uses a fair bit.

well. um get building my pretties.


Step 1: The Handle

Thanks to TheDunkis.

Well it is symmetrical on the otherside so it should be easy enough to build.

This is only a one-step step

1. Build

Step 2: Lower Barrel

1. Build
2. Build
3. Connect ( finished step)

Step 3: Upper Barrel

1. Build( finished step)

Step 4: Magazine

Gather up two extra white rods.

1. Build( finished step)

Step 5: Magazine Pusher

1. Build( finished step)

Step 6: Trigger

1. Build
2. build
3. Construct

Step 7: Ram

1. Build( finished step)

p.s. you don't need the spring but it looks prettier than tape.

Step 8: Comfortable Parts (optional)

This step is optional, but highly recommended. This makes the gun sturdy, makes it look better and makes it less prone to breaking.

1. Build
2. Build

Step 9: Construction

1. Add the handle to the fore and back barrel
2. Add the magazine
3. Add the trigger
4. Add this for comfort and strength
5. Add this for comfort and strength
6. Add the ram

Step 10: Rubber Bands and Other Peices

rubber band for ram
rubber band for mag pusher
rubber band for the trigger system
add two white rds to each end of this grey connector.
This gun shoots 7 of these peices



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great gun, this should have alot more then 6 great comments on it.