The Cold Steel a Knex Assault Rifle

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This gun started out so badly that it almost never was. I had problems with the trigger and mag heck I even had problems with the rubber bands but it's a rainy day so I had nothing better to do so I made a gun.

You probably can't tell but this gun was inspired by blue mullet's SIG 552 and his halo DMR.

Ok so I am still getting used to having probably double the amount of knex as before so any comments and tips are appreciated.

This gun is way out of my comfort zone being the first 7 (at some spots) layer thick gun with removable mags and bigger size than I am used to. Since it is my first gun like this I will take a lot of constructive criticism and will probably make a V.2.

On with the gun (are you still here) the cold steel may look like a bullpup but it is definitely not. The mag in the stock is a spare mag and doesn't feed the gun. The gun has a semi pin guide and 20 round blue rod removable mags so it has power and is also easily found on the knex battlefield. The gun is 26 inches long without the fake barrel and 31 inches long with it. The gun also gets very good range at 40 ft and has a light trigger pull for good accuracy.

What else is there to say about the gun I mean it's cool looking and performs well just don't forget to comment it means a lot and helps even more.



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    6 Discussions

    Knextremely stupid

    3 years ago

    Yeah I liked it a lot thanks it means a lot coming from you

    Lucas The Boss

    3 years ago

    It looks pretty good but I can't stand that barrel. Just didn't match the gun IMO. Great job though, keep on building, you've come a long way.

    1 reply