The Newt: a Simple Water and Land Vehicle



Introduction: The Newt: a Simple Water and Land Vehicle

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Cars and Boats have been a great way to travel in water and on land but what if their is a vehicle that can go both on land and water? Well now their is! Introducing the Newt, a Land a water vehicle! With this amphibious vehicle you can drive on land and swim in water as well!

Step 1: Materials, Materials, Materials!!!

For this instructable you will need: Syma X9 RC Remote Control 2.4GHz 4-Channel 6-Axis Gyro Flying Car Drone with Battery, Red: Toys & Games

Four or Three wheels ( has to be water proof and light weight, I used Lego wheels)

The Newt Boat base which will be below

Step 2: Taking the Car Apart

After the base is printed and the drone car has come, then unpack the drone car and take out all the screws holding the base together. Once all of the screws are removed you should see all the wiring and the circuit board. Then start to take all the screws holding the motors and the circuit board down. when the bottom is removed mark the motors so that you can tell which one is which ( to do that look at the circuit board and look at the wires on the circuit board it should say M1 and M2,M3,and M4

Step 3: Putting It Together

After all the motors are out, you can finally put it all together. Take the bottom piece of the drone car and cut it in half. Then take a drill and drill a super tiny hole. Once done, take the bottom half and screw it on the back of the boat. After that put the propellers in.

Step 4: Decorations!!

You can put on the boat LED's and all sorts of things. I put a flag on it and LED's. And your Done!!

This is a fun and easy project for everyone!

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