Tool to Make Wire Spirals



Introduction: Tool to Make Wire Spirals

This is how I've made my tool to create the wire spirals that I use in my polymer clay works as card/photo holders.

With this tool I can get very similar shapes and sizes. Also I can choose the size and hight of the spirals, adapting them to the size of the work and making them proportional.

Step 1:

To make your tool, you will need:

- A cable/handle with an oval shape at the top

- Aluminium wire

- Epoxy glue or other strong glue

Step 2:

Using a cable/handle with an oval shape at the top.

Sand it and clean the dust.

Step 3:

Make a hole in the center and a smaller one next to it

Insert a wire in the small hole

Insert a longer wire and wrap it around the handle forming a spiral

Use tape in the bottom to keep it in place

Step 4:

Apply epoxy glue only in the top of the wire spiral, making contact with the wood

Remove the wire from the small hole and apply glue on it. place it again in the hole

Let the glue dry and after that finish the top cutting and removing the wire from the central hole, and apply more glue in the top of the spiral.

Step 5:

once everything is dry the tool is ready to use.

This tool allow to guide the wire and make lots of spirals with the same size

They can be used in your projects as card/photo holders.

Very easy to make, cheap and useful tool!!

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