Top 5 Food Life Hacks - How to Pit Cherries





Introduction: Top 5 Food Life Hacks - How to Pit Cherries

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5+1 Easy ways to pit cherries.

How to pit cherries quick and easy using some amazing food hacks.

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Step 1: Use the Bottle and the Stick

Step 2: Use the Tweezers

Perfect! So you do not damage the cherries

Step 3: Use the Hairpin

Step 4: Use the Toothpick

Step 5: Use the Ear Sticks

Step 6: Or Use the Cherry Pitter

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7 Discussions

I will have to try this with Nanking cherries. The Nanking are way too small for a regular cherry pitter. The whole cherry goes through the hole.


1 year ago

Good ideas. Hubby uses a straw. : )

The bottle/chopstick method is good. I paid $7 USD for a pot metal cherry pitter (made in China) at Fred Meyer in Medford absolutely did not work as the hole was too small for the pit. They were nice enough to give me a refund.

Yes it looks like the most suitable method. Although the cherry pitter will do the job as well. But you know, we need to have variations to choose from.