Transforming My Wife's Work Area

My wife, I love her to bits, but she is the most disorganized person I know.  I set about reorganizing her work space when I saw the contest here.  Missed the deadline though so thought I could still post what I did.  As you will see in the before and after pics, that the transformation was amazing.  

So we had these modular shelving units kicking around taking up space, which in a small apartment is a valuable commodity,   They were a trash find we used in another apartment for VHS tapes.  When we cleared a lot of them out and relocated the tapes we were keeping we didn't want to get rid of them.  We used them for books and the like.  We were given another book shelf which emptied these out.  While the wife was at work the kids and I got to work.  Cleaning, rearranging, organizing and finding the necessary parts to make this happen and get it done in 5 hours with baby to take care of, homeschooling lessons to be done on top of the regular house hold jobs needing done, it was quite a daunting task.  We persevered and had most of it done before she got home.  

My idea was to connect the two units with a standard piece of shelving from the hard ware store.  I salvaged the shelves and the doors from a decrepit cabinet we trashed.  It was press board  stuff and falling apart under its own weight.   I used them to make the shelves for in the units, made 4 with them.  The white one between the units  I measured the space between the units when they were sitting on the desk.  Measured and cut the shelf to the right length.  I already had some of the hardware I needed for this, but the L shape brackets I had to purchase at the local hardware store.   After deciding where the shelf should go I placed the bolts through the holes of the units then the brackets and tightened the nuts.  I drilled holes in the shelf for the brackets while it was in position on the brackets. Though the pics don't show this, when done screwing the shelf on and using pegs to hold the inside shelves up I placed some baskets and boxes on the shelves and the printer went on the shelf over the computer with a small magazine rack.   The bottom shelves are for notebooks and ahe mini drawer organizer.  

I hope you liked my instructable, please comment what you think or would like something clarified.  Thanks for looking.



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