Travel Pillow With Pocket




Introduction: Travel Pillow With Pocket

Travelling can be tiring so a comfy travel pillow is a must. Make this pillow from fleece or your favourite fabric and fill with either polyester filling or micro beads. Fill firmly for extra neck support.

Tuck you phone or iPod into the pocket and use your headphones to escape from pesky plane noise.

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Step 1:

You will need:

Polar fleece fabric - 1m x 0.5m

Small scrap of cotton or cotton polyester fabric

12cm zipper

Matching thread

Polyester filling or micro beads

Step 2:

Print out the template. Tape together.

Fold fabric and pin template as shown above.

Cut front and back pieces.

Step 3:

Cut template along dotted line.

Pin pocket onto fabric.

Cut two pieces - front and back.

I have an iPhone 4, you may need to make the pocket larger if you have a larger phone.

Step 4:

Layout the front and back fleece pieces wrong side up, position the pockets on top, as shown above.

Carefully turn over.

Step 5:

Position the zipper, upside down, along the outside edge of the front fleece piece.

Pin in place, as shown above.

Step 6:

Using the zipper foot on your machine, stitch the zipper in place.

Step 7:

Place the front fleece on top of the back, making sure that all edges meet.

Pin the zipper to the back fleece, as shown above.

Stitch in place.

Step 8:

Place front on back piece with right sides together.

Fold out the pocket as shown above, matching the front and back pocket.

Pin along top edge and stitch.

Step 9:

Place your work out flat.

Fold the pocket over onto the fleece, as shown above.

Step 10:

Pin around the outside edge.

Stitch keeping your seam 1cm from the edge, and leaving a 5cm gap for filling.

I chose to leave my gap on the side, you could also leave it along the top edge.

Step 11:

Carefully cut notches around the curves. Make sure that you do not cut your stitching.

Turn right side out, through the gap.

Step 12:

Once your pillow is turned through you should have a working zipper and pocket.

Step 13:

Fill with polyester filling or micro beads.

Making sure to flatten the pocket to the back of the pillow.

Pin gap closed and carefully stitch with slip stitch.

Step 14:

Your travel pillow is complete and ready to use.

Step 15:


Tuck your phone into the pocket with easy access to your headphones and favourite tunes. Or if you are old school like me - your iPod.

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    2 years ago

    That's a useful thing to add! I've almost lost mine out of my pocket a couple of times when traveling. ^.^;