Ultimate Lego Puzzle Box

Introduction: Ultimate Lego Puzzle Box

This is my Lego puzzle box. Inside is a box with goodies. your task is to try and figure out how to open it. I will only show you how to make it.

Step 1: The Base

You will need a 8x16 platform. get a 1x4 smooth piece and place it in the middle. Place flat pieces covering the base plate but leaving a 1x1 border(that is where your walls will go) then get 8 2x1 pieces with a hole in the middle. place four on either side of the smooth piece. Put a stick in each of the holes(Make sure the stick is as long as the hole. no bigger or smaller) and then at the back of each hole place a 2x1 piece with no holes. this keeps the sticks in. place blocks on the flat pieces you put down.

Step 2: The Box

Grab a 6x8 baseplate and on the bottom place a 1x4 piece in the middle and then a 1x4 piece with 3 holes underneath that. Build walls on 3 sides of the base plate 3 blocks high. On top of the walls put a layer of skinny pieces and then over the top to cover the hole. On the side of the box that has no walls put 1 layer of brick and then a layer of ramps. I also put smooth pieces on the top. You can now fill your box.

Step 3: The Walls

Place walls on your base that is 6 blocks high. Then place a 4x8 baseplate on either side.

Step 4: Wrapping It Up

Stick your finger in the hole on the base, pushing back the sticks. Place your box in that hole. Shake it up and now you can have the mystery of trying to get it open. look at the pictures for a hint.

Have Fun!!



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    6 Discussions

    The instructions are there. I tell you how to build the bottom, the container and the top. the only thing I don't show you how to do is open it.

    Pretty complicated for me without step-by-step instructions.

    Sorry. I made the puzzle box before I even started the instructions and I didn't want to break it and have to build again right after.